For a few years now I store my websites on shared hosting but now I'm about to move to VPS, in which I am going to set up an Ubuntu 16 based Apache server with Webmin.

A cool feature I have in my current, CentOS based Apache server (managed mostly with Cpanel) is a PHP manage, which allows me to move between PHP versions, all of which previously installed in the server (I have no idea how one can install more than one version in the same time).

I am looking for such a feature, that could serve me in case I install a CMS, upgrade the PHP, but then must revert because of possible incompatibilities.

I need this software to include these options:

  1. Bulk change PHP version for all sites, at once.
  2. PHP version exceptions (say, if you bulk changed all to say PHP 5.6.x, change only 1 or more particular sites to another version, but not all).

enter image description here

enter image description here

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