When you open a Wikipedia article such Apple, its title is:

Apple - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Is there a Firefox extension to remove the useless - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia part? I understand it is important for branding and SEO, but personally I know what Wikipedia is and I want to unclutter tab names, window titles, names of saved HTML files, headers or articles saved as PDF or printed, etc.


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The Greasemonkey Firefox addon would enable you to do that. Greasemonkey lets you run "UserScripts" to be run on the page source, in order to modify it.1

1:Further details can be found at the Greasemonkey homepage, the corresponding Wikipedia page, and a collection of scripts at GreasyFork.

The userscript you'd need would be pretty simple, just running a regular expression replace on the page's <title> attribute. In pseudocode:

title = title.replace('^(.*)\s*- .+$','\1')

would cut off everything after a dash (including the dash and potential leading whitespaces). How to dynamically change a web page's title? could serve as a starting point here. Or, to make it easier for you, just use this:

// ==UserScript==
// @name        TitleStrip
// @namespace   IzzySoft
// @description Strips trailing site name from page title
// @include     *
// @version     1
// @grant       none
// ==/UserScript==
document.title = document.title.replace(/^(.*)\s*- .+$/,'$1')

Note that you might need to define some exceptions in case some sites uses titles that contain dashes. Picking up your example:

Apple - a fruit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I found no corresponding place to check it against; as my above script uses a "greedy wildcard", it should work as you want it, but I could not verify that.

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