Is there a tool that will let me select multiple files via Ctrl+Click, then execute a command line on all of them?

For example: select files a.mp4, c.avi, and z.mp3, then click a button which will execute

custom_script.exe a.mp4 -n 4 --option "asdf"
custom_script.exe c.avi -n 4 --option "asdf"
custom_script.exe z.mp3 -n 4 --option "asdf"

on the command prompt.

It could be a shell extension, stand-alone program, or maybe even an alternate file manager. But it must have a GUI where I can select them one-by-one manually.

  • custom_script.exe *.mp4 -n 4 --option "asdf" – Ciprum Oct 6 '16 at 21:36
  • Use wildcards. I think that thould be good enough – Ciprum Oct 6 '16 at 21:36

It is possible with Windows if you don't fear the Registry (regedit.exe). The Registry is potentially dangerous, since it may lead to modifications of Windows that may crash your system. That said, here's how:

Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell and create the following structure:

SoftwareRecommendations       (type Folder)
+  (Default)                  (type REGSZ)    content: Demo for Software Recommendations
+ command                     (type Folder)
  + (Default)                 (type REGSZ)    content: <executable> %1 <arguments>

It should look like this:

Registry Editor

After that you should get a context menu entry which allows executing the command for each of the files:

Context menu demo

After execution

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