Microsoft's Hyper-V has a live migration feature which is similar to VMware's vMotion. I would assume that one or more public clouds (e.g., AWS, Azure, etc.) have a feature that supports a drag and drop of a server or a Docker container to and from a private cloud. Is this correct? If so, which public cloud has the best offering for this ability? Is Jelastic needed to make this happen?

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Google and some other cloud providers use live migration for its internal needs, for example for hardware maintenance, but none of them provides live migration from private to public cloud.

Jelastic introduced live migration for end users with help of containers technology. It can be installed on top of many IaaS providers (public or private) or directly on top of bare metal hardware, as result you are able to configure the live migration from private to public cloud or from public to public, for example from AWS to Azure (back and forward).

Live Migration Across the Clouds

There is a good high level overview of the live migration technology, the problems it solves and possible bottlenecks https://www.infoq.com/articles/container-live-migration

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