I need to save some important Twitter conversations as image files for a project.

On desktop Chrome, Twitter conversations live in a floating window above a background page.

I've tried many screenshot / screen capture Google Chrome extensions that have a "scrolling capture" ability. All of them result in the same situation:

The screenshot / screen capture ends up consisting of a part of the conversation (floating page), and a part of the background page (see attached image for clarification).

Any thoughts / suggestions on how to fix this situation?

botched screenshot of a Twitter conversation

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I only know two ways to do this.

Using an Extension which Screengrabs the entire page, then photoshopping out the parts i don't want.


Or on my Phone, the S7 Edge allows you to capture "scrolling screenshots" I'm not saying go and buy a $700 phone to capture this screenshot, it's just the only other place i've seen it.

If that extensions gives you issues i've captured the screenshot for you to use if you wish.


  • Thanks for the demo that it worked on the phone. The Desktop Chrome browser extension 'full page screen capture' doesn't seem to be working unfortunately. In my attempts, it mashes up parts of the floating window and parts of the background, together. – thanks_in_advance Sep 30 '16 at 18:06

I just successfully used Snagit to capture a whole string of related tweets and comments. Use the Scrolling window (web page) capture option with the custom scroll setting on - it's underneath in the profile box in my version of Snagit. There are two things that you need to do to capture the floating twitter box that contains the original tweet and the follow up comments which disappear down the page.

  1. Use the cursor to mark out the width of the capture - I just made it as wide as the floating box.
  2. Move the cursor to the right to the scroll bar, hover over the down arrow and left click. This activates the scrolling and capture.

Hope this helps.

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