Is there a util to easily format an empty hard drive (or convert an existing set of partitions) so the drive afterwards has:

  1. GPT partitions, and...
  2. is grub2 ready, and...
  3. can still boot "legacy" OS partitions?

See "example2" here for an illustration, specifically the red and orange portions.

I've partitioned a GPT & grub2 disk before manually, using gparted and gdisk and whatnot, but it's the sort of job that seldom needs doing, so when it needs doing again 6 months later, I forget much of the method and wind up doing the steps in the wrong order.

What's wanted is not a partitioner as such, gparted already does a good job there... more something to get a hard drive ready for gparted.

Linux preferred, but whatever works best...


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