Do you know about tool or IDE which allows comfortable management of AutoHotKey macros? I know many ways how to edit them directly in text file. For example using Notepad++. But since I have 200+ macros, this is getting cumbersome so I would like to switch to IDE where I can

  • view macros as list (without code behind each)
  • reorder macros using drag&drop, delete them
  • reload macros to AHK
  • create simple macros by typing keystrokes
  • get warnings about duplicate hotkeys

The product can be free or up to $50.

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Short answer: No, there's no IDE


Notepad++ with customization comes close

The canonical place to start is the forum thread Set up Notepad++ for AutoHotkey which has a gained a mirror GitHub repo. This includes the following IDE-like goodies:

  • Basic syntax highlighting.
    Just works.
  • Autocomplete for built-in function, variable and directive names (e.g. A_TitleMatchMode, #IfWinActive).
    Note that the autocomplete list seems to be missing newer v2 constructs like the #HotIf directive. (As of this comment in Oct 2023, last update was in Mar 2020)
  • Quickjump hotkey/function/class list.
    Setup is a bit more involved for this one, but worth the effort if you want to navigate larger collections of hotkeys/hostrings and user-defined functions.

All that together with a simple ^!r::Reload rule in your main scriptfile bring the development experience for one's scripts pretty close to a proper IDE.

Duplicate detection could be automated using scripting, or by keeping hotkey definitions sorted, so that identical definitions are bound to be noticed when writing them.

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    Thank you for the answer. Just a note that I would not recommend mapping Ctrl+Alt to anyone since many programs use it and moreover, all the national keyboards reserve its letter space (Ctrl+AltGr+letter). To minimize interferences, use Ctrl+Alt+Shift. To avoid them even more, create your own modifier key in AHK, for example CapsLock or AppsKey, allowing for example CapsLock+A or AppsKey+A. (Then I also recommend to add a mapping retaining their original function, like CapsLock::CapsLock)
    – miroxlav
    Commented Dec 18, 2023 at 14:19

Visual Studio Code also supports a bunch of plugins that make it easier to work with AHK scripts.


  • AutoHotkey Plus Plus - adds basic language features such as syntax highlighting, autocomplete and all relateed features (IntelliSense), debugging, compilation, formatter, etc.
  • vscode-authohotkey-debug - another more advanced debugger etc.


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