I'm looking for software that can create a virtual camera and microphone. Some websites like HackHands.com require use of a camera and microphone that I don't wish to provide. I'm looking for software that can create a fake (black screen stream) virtual camera device and fake (no sound) virtual microphone. This way, I can choose these devices when I connect to such services. My requirements are:

  • Works with Windows 10 64bit
  • Gratis

I'm open to any ideas that can provide a way to bypass my actual camera and microphone but in a perfect world it would show a black screen and have no sound. I'm also open to using multiple pieces of software to accomplish this task.


Manycam is a virtual webcam, you can provide it with videos, images, audio and has many other features like flipping or mirroring footage, adding effects and so on. I have not used it recently but it looks like they have gone for a more payed method now, with a free version. Older versions, if you can find them, will allow you to remove the watermark and use all of the software for free.

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    This seems to work with the free version, +1 & accepted answer, thanks:) – Tom Sep 30 '16 at 0:26

A little out of the box but one of the quickest, cheapest & lowest computational load mechanisms to do this would be buy a cheap USB webcam, (you can get them for next to nothing), and place a little insulating tape over the lens and microphone.

  • Not quite gratis
  • Real quick and easy
  • Works on any platform that supports USB Web Cam.
  • Thanks, if no other software exists, I will probably go with this and place electrical tape over the lens and if possible destroy the microphone. – Tom Sep 30 '16 at 0:20

You may consider using AlterCam program.

It works with Windows 10.

It installs virtual webcam you can use anywhere. Looks like it can't use static image as the video source, but there are a lot of workarounds - you can select your real webcam as the source and turn brightness setting to zero, you can select unexisting ip-camera as the source and get black screen with "connecting..." text.

Go to "Audio" tab in order to install the virtual microphone driver. I see no way to control it's volume, but you can change the sound with "change voice" function. It is easy to get something like a noise instead of real sound

AlterCam is not gratis, actually, but gratis for your scenario. Trial version hasn't time limit.

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