I would like recommendations for an easy to remaster distro. It has to run from a CD and will only run a small web application (client-side; only JavaScript) and print pages. So:

  • Has to be a Live CD;
  • Easy to remaster/customise;
  • A modern web browser;
  • Full printer support;
  • No network (or disabled by default, in case person has a network printer);
  • Any window manager will do, but a simple one is a preferrable (OpenBox or similar);
  • As small as possible (although no limit is imposed).
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Certainly the last one allows you to create live CD's and choose what packages you want. Though I don't seem to be able to connect to it right now.

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I can recommend TinyCore Linux which is tiny and very easy to remaster.

I can also recommend Alpine Linux which is a bit more difficult to remaster, but it also has a small footprint and can run as a LiveCD.

If you're doing this for business purposes, and not too sure where to start, my company specializes in just that - we currently use TinyCore behind the scenes.

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