I don't use a mail reader that supports calendaring, but will often receive emails that have ical invitations in them. They are a pain to try to read in plain text and parse though. Is there a command line tool on Linux to view the calendar requests "prettily"?

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Please note that I've not tried any of these so I can't be sure that they will do what you want.

I think that calcurse might do the job.

ical - An X based Calendar Program - OK so needs x-windows, not so good for your requirement\ NOTE: The ical software does NOT support the iCalendar format!

These might do it but not clear if they support iCal:

In addition, there is pal but no sign of iCal support I'm afraid.

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    Thanks a lot, for anyone interested calcurse (of recent enough vintage at least) works as advertised here, and is what I'm going to go with Commented Sep 28, 2016 at 22:15

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