I need some software for fast Google Drive sync. I have around 40 000 files on my Drive, but when I just change one of them I don't want to wait sooo long for sync of only one file.

I have tried grive2 (I was waiting for 15 minutes than I have quit sync) and rclone (1 hour 30 minutes). I think the main is problem is that these SW's don't hold some index of files, so they always scan them all. Maybe it's not true, but on Windows I am using www.maxsyncup.com where one sync usually takes tens of seconds (indexing 10-20 sec). I have tried to use it under Wine, but unfortunately it doesn't work.

P.S. from commercial SW's I found www.insynchq.com, but for unknown reason I can't try a trial version. If it's as good and fast as they claim, I would buy it.


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For syncing one file you may find drive suits your purposes. It appears to allow for pulling and pushing single files (perfect for when you've only changed one file) to and from Google Drive.

To be fair rclone also has a similar feature via the copy mode which you don't mention whether or not you've tried.

Source: http://www.howtogeek.com/196635/an-official-google-drive-for-linux-is-here-sort-of-maybe-this-is-all-well-ever-get/

  • Thank you. I will give a try to rclone copy. Hopefully it will be fast.
    – jirinovo
    Commented Sep 26, 2016 at 9:39

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