I am looking for a CLI program for Ubuntu 14.04 that will be able to use a file as a "database". I really don't get why every piece software I found so far has a "daemon" and a "client" part, when what I really want is just a local one, and since I don't really want random daemons running around my system, I need to start it, issue a command, then stop it... And that's just annoying.



  • Runs on Ubuntu 14.04
  • Does not have a daemon-client system, or handles transparently to the user
  • Preferably does not have a username-password system, since, again, it's for local usage
  • Runs from command-line

Nice to have:

  • Can export to csv

Thanks for the help, and sorry if my English is not great, it's not my first language.

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SQLite might fit your requirements. It is an SQL database system that uses simple files as databases that are accessed without a client/server mechanism, just via the API of a library.

A command-line application to access SQLite files is provided on the project website, as well. One of its supported output modes is CSV.

I cannot currently try whether it actually runs on the indicated Ubuntu version, but it is pretty cross-platform-compatible.

  • Thanks a lot - it even was pre-installed on Ubuntu. Works as I expected!
    – Amit Gold
    Sep 24, 2016 at 8:36

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