I am looking for a solution, that is able to to the following:

  • Rollout updates of self developed software(written in C# and java) and install it automaticly or on demand
  • Rollout updates for windows
  • Rollout updates for external programs like VLC-Player
  • Stop updates, if the license has expired
  • Store information about licenses
  • Ability to create and validate licenses

I know that there are a lot solutions to find on google, but maybe my research wasn't as good as it could be, so i would be happy, if there are some recommondations of you. Thanks in advance.

  • Please ask one question at a time: one for Java libraries to achieve what you want and another for C#. – Thomas Weller Sep 22 '16 at 17:08

I would look at WinGUP, http://wingup.org/, a GPLed updater written by Don Ho, the author of Notepad++. If you can update Notepad++, you can update almost anything, I should think.

If you have Notepad++ installed, you have WinGUP in the updater subdirectory in the root of the Notepad++ installation.

/s/ OTC

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