These are my requirements:

  • I want to host it myself, on Linux/Apache. PHP preferred, but could do Perl/Python or whatever else as well.
  • Ideally free, or at least cheap
  • Should have a good local client (KeePass-like comes to mind) that syncs/saves to the server

Is there anything like that?

Thank you!


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One way to approach this is to use KeePass with a server that you automatically sync files to. Use KeePass as the client on each client system, and keep the data file on a filesystem that you automatically sync with a server.

Since you want to host it all yourself, the OwnCloud server software with an OwnCloud sync client will allow you to do the sync automatically.

It's not exactly a server based client, but in some ways it's better - you always have the password file with you, so even if the server is down, you're still able to get to everything.

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