I search an async job processing system like celery or python-rq but based on PostgreSQL.

Needed features:

  • Async processing of jobs
  • Uses PostgreSQL
  • API for Python
  • Store message in language independent format (json, yaml, protcol buffers, ...) NOT python pickle.
  • open source

Why PostgreSQL:

  • We already use postgreSQL
  • Jobs most not get lost. This not the default of Redis and RabbitMQ.
  • We only have few jobs per hour. Simplicity is more important than performance.
  • Celery is too big

Related article about SELECT FOR UPDATE .. SKIP LOCKED which was introduced in PostgreSQL 9.5: https://blog.2ndquadrant.com/what-is-select-skip-locked-for-in-postgresql-9-5/


This one does not solve all wanted features, but most of them:


It is based on node.js, not Python.

It uses PostgresSQL with the new SKIP LOCKED feature.

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