Can anyone recommend an application to listen to hundreds of voice recordings? Here is the functionality desired:

  1. Windows 7 compatible
  2. Must be able to quickly and easily change the speed of the recording. A dial to adjust the speed, or a similar UI, is important. The ability to quickly restore the speed to normal (100%) is also important. I have been using VLC and it's not bad, but it's rather clumsy for this use. I am open to skins for VLC that would make it more suitable.
  3. Strongly prefer (but not a requirement) for the software to auto-adjust the pitch of voices at different speeds so they sound somewhat normal. I think VLC is supposed to be doing this, but it doesn't work well, as the voice pitch changes significantly as the playback speed is adjusted.
  4. Strongly prefer (but not a requirement) for the software to be able to quickly jump backwards/forwards 5 seconds at a time.
  5. Gratis

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