I plan to use the CGAL library to perform some 3D computations on polyhedra. The polyhedra need not be regular.

However, since CGAL does not come with visualization software, I would like to use a library which will help me visualize polyhedra. I would like to interact with my visualization, by spinning, zooming the picture.

OpenGL is an option, but it is far too low level. Are there higher-level libraries which would help me with this?


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OpenSCAD is also an alternative:

  • Free software
  • Custom programming language (possibly this is a drawback)
  • Editor with integrated preview (or can use the preview with external editor)
  • Cross platform support

Probably your best bet is Visual Python.

  • Allows you to numerically construct polygons and then display them, zoom in & out, rotate the scene, etc.
  • Simple syntax & small installation
  • Free, Gratis & Open Source
  • Cross Platform, OS-X, Windows & Linux
  • Online version at glowscript

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