So I need a piece of software that does the following:

  1. I have say the text string "ABCDEF" in my clipboard
  2. I press a hotkey
  3. I have the text string "ABCDEF+GHI" in my clipboard

Now I can paste the modified text of my choosing

Does such a software exist? I need it mostly to output some HTML code that I constantly paste over and over again, but I want it to pre-designate some text that I define.

Basically, an editor that concatenates text strings.

Ideally, it'd run on my computer. Since it can work with hotkeys. The other method would be me to run a Chrome plugin where I paste the input, and get an output.


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I created the following AutoHotKey script


send, {ctrl down}c{ctrl up} 
SendInput, <a href="{ctrl down}v{ctrl up}"><img src="{ctrl down}v{ctrl up}" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> return

With it, I can highlight a URL and press Ctrl+G and I get a new output text:


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