I've tried the Gens32 and Kega Fusion emulators but their user interface is too simple for my expectations, I would like to have a Sega Genesis emulator with personalization and rom management features...

For that reason, I'm in search of a standalone Sega Genesis emulator or a multiple console emulator (like MAME which is only for Arcade systems not consoles) that accomplishes these requisites:

  • Free.
  • For Windows.
  • Can emulate at least MegaDrive roms and optionally MegaDrive 32X roms.
  • Can run roms in fullscreen.
  • Has a save state/load state feature and supports SRAM (Save RAM) for MegaDrive.
  • Support Game Genie codes for Mega Drive roms (.pat files)
  • Support Japanese, USA and European MegaDrive roms.

    (sure weird since MegaDrive console has not a BIOS, just an OS ROM)

  • This is the most important need:

    Has a graphical user interface on which I can sort and manage my roms with useful info (by name at least), and display artwork (titles, snaps) like for example MameUI can do, something similar like this:

enter image description here


I've discovered and tried Romulus - ROM Manager, which is a ROM manager on which you just add the console roms (after building a database file using the same program) and then I can assign an emulator to run my roms, so in theory with Romulus I could have a GUI to list my roms and show their images and then I select a rom to run it externally using Kega Fusion emulator, this combination of programs will cover all the requisites I need, seems Romulus has promising features:

enter image description here

HOWEVER, I spent few hours trying to discover how the hell I can set the images (manually, from scratch) for my roms, I'm very lost with this program...

This is a relevant sample of the database file (in Xml format) that Romulus creates for my Sega Genesis ROMS:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE datafile PUBLIC "" "">
<datafile build="" debug="no">
        <name>MegaDrive Roms</name>
        <description>MegaDrive Roms</description>
    <game name="Alien Soldier">
        <description>Alien Soldier</description>
        <rom name="Alien Soldier.gen" size="2097152" crc="0496E06C"/>

I just tried to imagine how to specify a image (or image set) for a single rom, so I added a Image name key in the Xml file:

<game name="Alien Soldier">
    <description>Alien Soldier</description>
    <rom name="Alien Soldier.gen" size="2097152" crc="0496E06C"/>
    <image name="Alien Soldier.jpg"/>

Then I put the corresponding image inside the Alien Soldier.zip file together with the Alien Soldier.gen rom file, I loaded the database into Romulus, didn't worked (any image is shown when selecting that ROM). I tried to repeat the same procedure with other common key names and with other common image formats such as bmp or png, anything worked.

In the official website the author published a tutorial but it doesn't explain anything of this, and also the "Offlinelist Updater Button" enter image description here is disabled by default so I can't try what he says about that.

In resume, I didn't found the way to show images for my roms using Romulus.

A step-by-step explanation of how to use Romulus to show images for my MegaDrive ROMs would be considered as a accepted answer from my side, because with Romulus ROM manager and Kega Fusion emulator I can cover all the requisites mentioned.

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I play the Sega 32x games for a while and I use the Kega Fusion Emulator and I was very satisfied with the performance. I try other Sega 32x Emulators like the RetroArch but for the beginners I highly recommend the Kega Fusion.

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