I'm looking for an Android web browser, that:

  • Is free, gratis and open source (and doesn't include closed source components like Google Play Services)
  • Uses an embedded Chromium runtime (and not a system webview)
  • Has an built-in adblocker (which should use at least EasyList and EasyPrivacy by default, where it should be possible to add lists and with support for element-hiding rules)
  • Blocks third-party cookies
  • Supports SOCKS proxies
  • Has chronological history (which should be automatically cleared on exit)
  • Has an unlimited amount of tabs
  • Has bookmarks (with folders and a daily backup to a secured WebDAV share or Git server)
  • Has a scroll indicator
  • Has advanced DuckDuckGo search (like in the desktop browser Min)
  • Has ARM64 builds available
  • Is still maintained
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    Many wishes at once :) I'm not acutely aware of any browser meeting them all, but be welcome to see my Web Browser app list. Concentrate on those apps having an F-Droid (or IzzyOnDroid) icon along as an indicator for being open-source, and check their descriptions (e.g. Github-links) for your requirements – while waiting for a real answer to pop up. Fingers crossed! – Izzy Sep 7 '16 at 6:54

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