Have a recommendation for a Linux OS that usually takes less then 200 MB of RAM when active with plugin-free Firefox?

I need one as a VNC in my Ubuntu server.

It doesn't matter for me from what branch it is: Debian/Fedora/BSD; I don't need almost anything besides surfing so it can be something dedicated for that, that comes secured from start because of its vast minimalism.


You could try Damn Small Linux it includes 2 web browsers: Dillo and a minimalist Firefox and can run totally from RAM in 128 MB. Runs on x86 machines only and is based on Debian/KDE.

Version 3.4.12 Screenshot enter image description here

Version 4.4.10 Screenshot enter image description here

Note that the embedded downloads include a version of qemu to act as its own VM on windows & Linux and still total about 50 MB.

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