I am looking for a GIMP-plugin or a Java-API to write complex filter that behaves like this:

  • Java program, that loads a .xcf-file, detects and applies the structure of drawables, layer groups, etc. and calls gimp-functions.
  • GIMP-plugin, written in Java, that can be applied like a filter written in script-fu. (For example by sending commands to the internal gimp-console.)

I already found JGimp but it's pretty deprecated and does not work anymore (at least as far as I tried to get it working). Any other attempt of finding software doing what I desire did not return any results.

Please help me. I hope you know about a way to archive this goal.

  • You can use the GIMP python console to develop python plug-in complex filters - it's not java but you should pick it up quickly. – Steve Barnes Sep 6 '16 at 17:42

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