I want to find a CMS for backing up personal images and videos which will be large during days on a remove able storage like CD/DVD. But it should not be a simple backup, I want to organize them by tags, descriptions , links , ... . So a CMS is necessary. Some feature I think it must has:

  1. Open source
  2. Standalone/portable CMS to run when inserted in player (for example created by Java so will run on all computer which has Java VM)
  3. Works on cd/DVD
  4. Beauty gallery

Like other CMS, it must support backing up and search.


Finally I did not use CMS. As Steve Barnes proposed here, I used ImageMagick to generate an index page with a command line. The result page can be open by all browsers.

I used montage command to add some details to each image thumbnail which opens image by clicking.

montage -label '%t\n%[width]x%[height]' \
          -size 512x512 "../img_photos/*.*[120x90]" -auto-orient \
          -geometry +5+5 -tile 5x  -frame 5  -shadow  photo_index.html

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