I use OneNote to take notes when studying. I would like to use a spaced repetition system to help me review my notes effectively. I could use a standalone spaced repetition application such as Anki, but a workflow with two separate applications is not convenient:

  • When I add new notes to OneNote, I must manually copy-paste them to the spaced repetition system (SRS).
  • If I edit my notes in OneNote to add detail or correct mistakes, I have to manually move those changes to the SRS.
  • My notes in OneNote are organized by sections. I need to manually recreate this organization in the SRS.

Is there a OneNote extension for reviewing OneNote notes using the spaced repetition method?

  • I've submitted this question in OneNote's subreddit. Hope there are more people can answer this
    – Ooker
    Aug 1 '19 at 17:46

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