• Easy to install on Fedora (RPM) or installer
  • Multiplayer with online players available
  • Low hardware requirements - should work on Intel Gfx like QuakeLive
  • Similar game style is nice to have

I'm asking because QuakeLive is not available on Linux anymore.

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I had a lot of fun playing Sauerbraten (Cube 2). Its gratis and open source together with the server.

The graphics are good, the controls fluent. I never installed the server part but the client part was very intuitive so I suspect the server to be as well.

I played the game ~2005 on a regular (i.E. not gaming optimized) computer so it can most likely run on your hardware as well.

The game is a classical First Person Shooter for multiplayer. It has a Single Player Mode, but I always felt it more like a tutorial.

Some screenshots from their website:

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3


su -c "yum install openarena"

When I was playing FPS, I used to enjoy OpenArena a lot.

  • It was designed to be very similar to Quake III Arena (which in turn is very close to Quake Live)
  • I personally could feel sensations pretty close to the ones I had in Quake III Arena (whose game play is in turn very close to Quake Live)
  • It is also available from the default repositories of a number of Linux distributions, including Fedora.
  • The game was released a decade ago so it should be okay with your hardware

enter image description here

enter image description here

More on System Requirements: http://openarena.wikia.com/wiki/LinuxInstall#Linux

System Requirements

  • Minimum
  • Pentium II 233MHz / AMD K6-2 300MHz or equally powerful processor
  • 64MB of system memory
  • OpenGL supported video card with 16MB of video memory. (Voodoo Banshee, TNT and up) 300MB of hard drive space

In theory, the game can run on any Pentium-class processor with a Voodoo2, but don't expect much performance over 20fps and expect loading time to be over a minute.

You must have accelerated drivers for your video card installed for best results. This may require using the not-entirely-open-source NVIDIA drivers for NVIDIA cards. This also means that some video cards may not work even if they meet the above-stated minimum requirements.

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