I am looking for a way to easily manage SQL-based database migrations in a C# application. Coming from a Java backgroud, I know Flyway. I am looking for something similar - lightweight, easy to understand, stable.

I could potentially use Flyway, but I would ideally like C# integration and not be dependent on Java.

I have looked at FluentMigrator (https://github.com/schambers/fluentmigrator), but it does not seem to support SQL-based migrations.

I am aware of Entity Frameworks Code First, but I need more direct control of the SQL.


SQL-based migrations possible Autorun pending migrations on application startup Supports SQL Server 2014 Ideally written in C# I hope I have made my needs clear. Any ideas? :)

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If I'm not mistaken FluentMigrator does support SQL migrations

Fluent-Interface scroll to the "Execute Expression" section

Execute.Sql("DELETE TABLE Users");

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