I want to have a text editor like that of SO and and math.stackexchange.com. That will work on web browsers like that of SE.

  • I need some level of markup support
  • and also math notation support like mathjax gives
  • syntax highlighting
  • For ease of use I also want to have some buttons for easy access to the mostly used math symbols, and text formatting

A text editor like math.stackexchange.com will be my final target, both markdown, syntax highlighting, and math notation.

I have searched and found out that SO, and SE in general, uses PageDown for markup support, and mathjax (not SO) for math notation support. Mathjax itself is out there for free usage. There is StackEdit also, with building on top of these two and some others.

My question of what path should I follow to build what I need and want? Should I get building it from a single <textarea> and utilizing the open source tools like PageDown, Mathjax and some others maybe?

What tools should I use that will go well together as I need some distinct features that will be provided by separate tools?

  • Take a look at Jupyter - jupyter.org especially the notebooks functionality. – Steve Barnes Sep 2 '16 at 6:50
  • I have not tried it myself, but the description for Markdown Notes looks like it is very much along the lines you are looking for. – John Y Apr 4 '17 at 17:26

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