I'm looking for a way to sync my Dropbox, Onedrive and OneNote one way to my personal FTP server.

  • Dropbox ==> FTP
  • OneDrive ==> FTP
  • OneNote ==> FTP

It would be neat to have it both ways, but the one way is the most important for now.

Is there a software like this around? I'm not talking about the standard clients of each software, I'd like to have 1 software where I can add dropbox/onedrive/onenote and possibly other file hosters, which in turn allows me to sync at least one way to my FTP.

I know of FTPBox, but that's not what I'm looking for.

Software should run on Windows 7, paid solutions are fine.

  • It seems that the OneNote syncing protocol is not documented, unfortunately :-/ Typical of Microsoft. – Nicolas Raoul Sep 28 '16 at 6:49

As for DropBox, try run Dropbox from scheduler as described in DropBox forum, it sync files locally. And then sync FTPBox or other way to desired location.


rclone can be used to sync dropbox and many other cloud storages from command line.


You can use Cloudsfer to migrate the data from Dropbox and OneDrive to your personal FTP server with the option to perform a sync to ensure that your personal FTP is up to date.

Please check out Cloudsfer for more info,

Thanks, Roy - The Cloudsfer Team. http://www.cloudsfer.com/

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