I am looking in to software that is similar to AnswerPath and/or Zingtree. They both provide the ability to create interactive decision trees. In my research there are at least two kinds of decisions trees. One that does decision support for project management, assisting in risk assessment and build vs buy decisions (I believe IBMs AnswerTree does this as well as some software by Pallisades), and the other is real-time decisions support which AnswerPath and Zingtree both provide.

I have used both programs and each has their advantages and disadvantages, and I'm trying to look in to additional alternatives that there may be in the market. If anyone is aware of some that would be greatly appreciated.

(Side note: I even investigated using OOB SharePoint Survey lists, but one key problem with that is that I can only use logic branching based on responses to the current question. With AnswerPath on the other hand I can create a logic branch based on any number of previously answered question. This is a very important feature to me.)

  • Any specific requirements? Not exactly my area of expertise, but I could imagine such a tree having "plain text" nodes would be a basic variant – while one e.g. might wish to have images or other media included for better decision-making. Also: Any price tag/limit? What OS must it run on? Are web-apps OK? – Izzy Aug 26 '16 at 7:25

Compass (https://get-compass.com) is a new alternative to Zingtree or AnswerPath and was built for real-time decision support or sales.

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