Problem: one of our highly hybrid app uses ~20 unix-native service's windows port (nsqd, elasticsearch, etc). Currently, this runs on a command prompt in the foreground, which doesn't strike me as particularly robust. On Ubuntu, I had great experiences with supervisord; however, latest version don't play really well with Windows anymore.

So, what specific process supervisor would you recommend for Windows?


  • Have a web interface, with status per process, log output, and start/restart/stop controls at bare minimum
  • Many apps, so configuration-file-based startup
  • Would be really nice to have a console output tailing all process's aggregated output for monitoring


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While I haven't found any specific packages off-the-shelf, this gist: a lite supervisord for windows fulfills criteria 2 & 3 above, and forms a good starting point for this.

Edit: gist seems down, google cache to the rescue, codegist, and pastebin


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