I want my two Android mobile phones to capture images and transfer them to my laptop. For this, I will connect my both phones to the hotspot made by laptop.

What software do I need on each end to make this arrangement so that as all the images are captured by mobile phones, they get transferred to laptop automatically?

  • For this I use SHAREit for connecting both my laptop and android mobile Oct 6 '16 at 15:54

PhotoBackup can accomplish that on the Android end. But on the Windows side, it requires to setup a server (available for download from the projects home page), which might prove a bit tricky if you're not used to it. That "server software" is available for Python, Perl, NodeJS, Go and PHP – so you can pick an environment you're more familiar with.

Hence PhotoSync might be an easier solution, as it understands SMB, (S)FTP and WebDav natively – which means it can directly access Windows shares you create on the laptop, and backup to them. It can automatically backup photos & videos in the background to pre-selected targets (computer, NAS, cloud and photo services), which should fit your needs. Moreover, it can even be configured to automatically do the backup whenever you take a new picture or video. So this should meet your needs to 100%.

A third candidate might be Sync. This again would require a client to be installed on each participating device: note that Sync is based on the BitTorrent protocol, which uses peer-to-peer functionality. Sync also supports automatic camera backup, and thus is capable of doing the job you want to perform.

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