I am looking for a windows 10 application that can scan the services and startup apps and then recommend things to disable. I am currently using "msconfig" to do this manually but there are so many services and I spend a lot of time googling them to find out what they do or what some process that is booting up dose.

I would think that there must be an app that is trustworthy that can source this same information and make recommendations for services to switch off and startup apps we do not need.

Dose anyone know any?


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I've tried a few that give recommendations, such as WinPatrol, but they just make the process at best slightly easier.

Unfortunately I don't think the application you're looking for exists. Mainly because what is unnecessary on my system may be vital on yours. Sorry!

  • Yeah, fair enough. I was thinking an app would be around that would automatically list the processes and draw form one of those databases on the net google finds when looking up what processes do. Guess not.
    – aJynks
    Sep 6, 2016 at 0:11

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