Looking for a screenshot tool with the following functions

  • works on OSX
  • start up quickly
  • able to take screenshot with hotkey
  • able to continuous take screenshot at predefined interval (eg. 1 every 5 sec)
  • able to put the screenshots into a default or predefined folder
  • able to do basic editing, including
    • define a cropping area that can apply to all screenshots in the folder
    • masking function for sensitive data
    • draw basic boxes, circles, arrows
    • enter text in a textbox
  • prefer free/open source
  • paid version should be around $20

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This Tool came after you have take a screenshot. So you can normaly use the Mac bundled Grab utility and than automatically opened this tool where you can edit the picture. ShotBox I don't know if this the right one.

  • Seems the right one but it's no longer available Commented Jun 23, 2022 at 2:57

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