Since the day I found MuseScore I play keyboard more often again. I now found out that MuseScore can play different sounds using SF2 soundfonts. While I was downloading some soundfonts from the web, I am wondering how those files are created.

I am looking for

  • a SF2 soundfont creation program
  • for Windows 7 or 10
  • that is gratis

I assume it would take normal audio (WAV files or MP3) as input, I define the recorded frequency and the program calculates other frequencies. For the moment this is just a guess, since I'm not familiar with the process. Any process is fine for me.


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From the list suggested by @Steve Barnes I picked Polyphone because their website looked so well made.

It fulfills the requirements:

  • works on Windows (tested on Windows 7)
  • creates SF2 sound fonts
  • is gratis (GPL)
  • imports WAV files that can e.g. be recorded with Audacity

To me, that program was super intuitive and very stable. I loaded an existing sound font to see what a final result looks like and after that I immediately created my own sound font without any issue (except perhaps that my singing is not perfect and the tones should be adjusted in pitch a bit).

Really awesome stuff that you get for free nowadays. Worth a donation.

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