I have had a chance to go through Formal Concept Analysis and found it a powerful tool for Information Retrieval (IR) topics. Nonetheless, I found it very difficult to find a comprehensive implementation for FCA, written in Java. Here are a list of Java library that I found which either of them has one or more drawbacks:

  1. Galocia: Although it looks like a powerful tool, but lack of documentation makes it so difficult to figure it out.
  2. FCAlib: Although this library has a lame documentation, even the documentation is erroneous at first step:

      FormalContext<String,String> context = new FormalContext<String,String>();
      MyExpertClass expert = new MyExpertClass(context); //at this line,
      context.addAttribute("a");                         //the MyExpertClass is not defined
  3. Colibri-Java: similar situation as #1.

I do not know any other libraries useful for a Java developer (except some software such as conexp-ng which are a software rather a library.

So I call for a help to introduce me a solution for this problem.

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