Now, I use the following:

  • Launchy: Quick launch tiny/ portable apps/ tools by "Name" (issue when can't remember name)
  • Classic Shell: For Win 7/ 2000 Classic Menu & Explorer in Win 8.1 & avoid Metro with these:

2 Column Option + Classic Skin: Start Menu > Programs > Classic Shell > ..Menu Items

Classic Shell 2 Column Programs

With so many programs & their names, it's hard to remember which does what. And when wanting to do certain work, it'd be good to see "same category" applications together / nearby to trigger my memory of which ones to use and how for what I have in mind.

Now, I know that it's possible to Create Folders in this structure, drag & drop (copy/ move) and rearrange all of the folders/ menu items i.e. Program Shortcuts. Did it in the past; 2000/ XP days.

But, that means destroying/ interfering with part of what the Windows System created in Programs Menu, remembers and would result in inconsistencies, leaves behind residuals when un-installing and so on, needing lots of manual cleanup.

It also, means lot of manual creation at the start and when new programs are installed.

I'd like an application that:

  • Leverages the Structure created by Windows
  • An Overlay mechanism or Creates its own copy/ syncs with this structure
  • Provides Buckets/ Categories to ASSIGN/ UNASSIGN existing and new Programs & their SubMenus.
  • Program that does not destroy whatever structure Windows creates (Installations) or removes (Uninstalls) and also not interfering with it.
  • It could be invoked from the same place in UI, or anywhere else
  • It could "visually" replace the Programs Menu or Create its own invoked from elsewhere on Screen
  • Bonus, if it can add new Programs into "New Uncategorized" type of Bucket

Ideas & Examples I like (with some comments/ shortcomings)

Mint Linux Cinnamon: Provides Category Folders/ Buckets for Programs as well as ability to see All programs. But, it does not do cascaded menus like Windows/ Classic

Mint Linux Cinnamon Menu

Configurable Menu: Install the best menu for Linux Mint 17/17.1 Cinnamon An add on top of Cinnamon that gives a lot of configurable varieties for the Menu: Configurable Menu Varieties

SyMenu: Provides a separate, non overlay mechanism to create your own Menu > Sub Menu system/ structure. Does not import, sync or have any relation with Windows Menu. Also, that means having to add each ".exe" by hand.

A great feature for it would've been the ability to "replicate" or "link" the specific "application program's" entire "installed sub-folder menu" under "Categories buckets". And it would be great to "assign/ move/ change" Program <> Category assignment.

Such a Program <> Category overlay assignment system is present in Revo Uninstaller Pro

SyMenu 1 SyMenu 2 SyMenu 3 SyMenu Config


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