A lot of webpages contain overblown advertising, so in general I want to use an adblocker. However, I'd prefer adblockers to allow me blacklisting webpages that overdo it rather than whitelisting those that don't, in order not to damage the ad-revenue of webpages that put in non-obtrusive advertising.

As far as I know common ad-blockers don't support this properly. E.g. in AdBlock Plus one can set a whilelist rule * to whitelist everything by default, but if I then click to enable the adblocker on a specific webpage, the * rule is removed and adblocking becomes enabled for all pages again.

Better yet, an adblocker should allow blocking specific annoying ad elements such as autoplay videos even on whitelisted / not blacklisted pages. AdBlock Plus allows blacklisting elements manually, but again only if adblocking is enabled in general.

Is there some adblocker for Chrome that has such permissive default behaviour?

  • Meanwhile, Google Chrome is kind of forcing the issue to some degree, though sadly space-wasting permanently-in-view ad-banners have not made it on the list of intrusive ads on mobile...
    – kdb
    Apr 14, 2021 at 8:38


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