Years ago, I used to run sawfish as my window manager. It had the extremely useful feature of making it easy to program window-manager actions when certain events happened (e.g. when a window with name "X" is created, rename it to "Y" and move it to desktop 4, or when an un-resizable dialog box is created, make it resizable.).

I'm using xfce4 with xfwm now. I miss that feature and would find it very useful.

What I need to do now is to put a specific window (actually, a set of windows - Firefox with a different profile - I got sick of Midori crashing all the time so have started using a separate profile in FF for facebook, to isolate their tracking and spyware from my general browsing) in a separate tab in the xfce Window Buttons panel applet without turning off window grouping entirely. I've got the Show Profile plugin installed in that profile, which changes the window title, but that's not enough.

Is there any stand-alone tool that will allow me to do similar things in xfce (or lxde or any other WM)?

I'm almost certain I've heard of tools to do this, but can't remember what it/they were called. And google's useless for this - "window" is far too generic a term without something more specific to search for.


  1. I'm interested in seeing specific solutions to the Firefox/Window Buttons issue, but more interested in a generic tool that I can re-use for any similar task - same as I used to in sawfish.

  2. I'm not interested in changing window managers.

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