I'm looking for means of implementing (or finding existing one) "personal audio recorder" like that of video cable companies when you can pause a live stream and play it back with the delay often called as time shifting. It would be nice if it supports VOX and somehow embeds wall clock stamps, e.g., in between mp3 frames or so, for navigation.

I'm open for any suggestions either as final software or libraries I could use. I'm not even sure if there is any audio format for sparse (wall clock tagged) recording. I know I can put arbitrary stuff between mp3 frames, so hence my thoughts instead of keeping a sidecar file.

The incentive for this is to consider cutting intermediate steps to improve latency by directly recording HAM radio communication via SDR during ultramarathones to enter live feed to ultralive as runners pass through aid stations. This would be an auxiliary operation and I don't want to get in a way between aid station operators and net control, but I'd like to passively record and be able to rewind on the go if I didn't catch something the first time.

Duty cycle is expected to be way below 100% but overall recording time is huge, e.g. ~36 hrs, so VOX and wall clock tags are important.

Platform doesn't really matter, but I'd rather prefer Windows or Linux.

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