I need to take images that are exported and quickly trim off the transparent cruft around the images that are exported. The part to be removed will always be 100% transparent.

Traditionally I use Sketch, PS, or FW, etc. to do this, but I felt it would be nice if a program like ImageOptim would either integrate this or if there was another option that would enable simple drag and drop functionality such as this.


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Give XnConvert a try. Lots under the hood and a real powerhouse yet it's dead simple to use.

  • Does drag & drop batch processing
  • Does it lightning fast
  • Highly configurable re: operations/export settings
  • Will play nice with damn near any image format you throw at it
  • Cross platform freeware

Operations are stackable and there are about 80 of them to choose from. Add action > Image > Automatic crop should get you where you wanna be.

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