I'm looking for a graphical tool that would allow me to copy a folder structure from one place to another, selecting and deselecting individual files and folders for copying, including selecting parts of the content of previously deselected folders.

The representation I have in mind for a tool is a tree view where each node has a tristate checkbox:

☑ File 1
☐ File 2
☑ Folder 1
  ☑ File 1.1
  ☑ File 1.2
☒ Folder 2
  ☐ File 2.1
  ☑ File 2.2

Here, the destination would contain this hierarchy after copying:

- File 1
- Folder 1
  - File 1.1
  - File 1.2
- Folder 2
  - File 2.2

Windows Explorer only allows me to copy whole folders over. Copying tools like TeraCopy allow deselecting individual files, but show all selected files in a list, making it impossible to get an overview.

  • I found this page, but not knowing what to do with this. I just cannot believe there are so few people that find such a utility essential: first you freely select what you want (or don't) to copy and when you're done,just launch the process and do something else. – cdlvcdlv Jul 14 '19 at 13:18

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