I am looking for an open-source tool that accepts JavaScript code and outputs code that is syntactically and semantically equivalent, but can be embedded in HTML and/or XHTML without changes.

This involves the following changes:

  • Replace <!-- with either
    • if in a string or regex literal, then escape one or more of the characters (say to <\x21--)
    • if not in a string or regex literal, insert a space (say to < !--)
  • Replace </script with
    • in a string literal, the sequence \x3c/script
    • in a regex literal, </ script (the / terminates the regex)
  • Replace ]]> with

    • in a string or regex literal, ]]\x3e or other equivalent
    • otherwise, with ]] > or other equivalent
  • Finally, surround the script with /*<![CDATA[*/ or similar at the start and /*]]>*/ at the end

This is non-trivial because JavaScript cannot be tokenized without parser feedback.

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