I am running a Linux server (Ubuntu 16.04) which has a ens192 interface (think eth0) and one or more tunX interfaces (X being 0, 1, ...).

I am looking for a local proxy server that I can run on the server and it must perform the outgoing connection on a predefined tunX interface. This interface is activated by a VPN service that allows me to have a public IP from another country.

My requirements are:

  • free and open source
  • ready to use, minimal configuration, as long as I can:
    • permit any traffic from localhost
    • deny any connection from outside
  • must be able to act both as HTTP and HTTPS proxy (not SOCKS)
  • must not present fancy extensions / non-standard behaviour, the client application will use simple python-requests calls
  • ideally running as a service that can be managed through the service command
  • running on Ubuntu 16.04 (preferably, but not necessarily, from the standard repositories)

I tried the SOCKS route with Dante but it didn't turn out well and my application couldn't connect to it. Moreover, the configuration was quite complicated.

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