On Windows, if you connect two USB keyboards, they behave like one. AFAIK (I can't try at the moment) it even synchronizes CapsLock and NumLock.

I'm looking for a way to map keyboard shortcuts to the second keyboard, e.g.

  • if Ctrl+C is copy on the "normal" keyboard, I want to assign that to just C on the second keyboard.
  • if AltGr+M gives µ on the "normal" keyboard, I want to assign that to just M on the second keyboard
  • I want to type . on the second keyboard and get an ellipsis (...)

The software should

  • work on Windows 7 and Windows 10, 64 bit
  • should be gratis
  • support many keyboards
  • not have problems with internationalization (e.g. assigning Chinese characters)
  • be able to identify keyboards (i.e. remember which one is which)

My idea is to use some cheap keyboards, re-label the keys with icons or similar and thus be able to type foreign language characters or have keyboard shortcuts for some games.

LuaMacros [Github] (Release download), the successor of HID Macros almost does what I need, except it can't remember the keyboards (or I didn't figure out how) and assigning the shortcuts is done in a programmatical way and you need to know how to write Lua scripts. I'm looking for a more guided way of assigning the keyboard shortcuts.

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