Is there a YouTube video viewing app for Android that allows the user to skip forward or backwards about 10 seconds in the video?

When I am watching a video, sometimes I don't quite understand something, and want to go back 10 seconds. The only way I can currently do that is by trying to hit exactly the right spot on the progress bar. But for long videos, that is an exercise in futility.

I prefer a gratis app, but a paid app is fine.

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VLC Media Player would fit the bill nicely:

  • Free (Gratis & Open Source)
  • Cross Platform
  • can play streams, including YouTube videos
  • Displays the current time
  • Jump to a specific time with Ctrl-T Goto Time
  • Ctrl-T is automatically populated with the current time
  • You can select the Hours, Mins or Secs field and then use the Up/Down control or just type.
  • Also custom bookmarks are available, (for bits you need to go back to).
  • Depending on your browser there are plugins for most you can install a plug in that allows you to open VLC as your viewer of the video on a given page or to add the video from the current page to the playlist, e.g. see this question for Firefox plugin.

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