Anvil Studio is a free music editor, but it requires paid addons for printing the score. I'm looking for a really free solution that allows me to print scores.


  • edit simple scores (piano learner in the first year)

    • treble clef and bass clef
    • full, half, quarter, ... notes
    • dotted notes
    • volume indicators like forte, piano etc.
    • repetitions
  • print scores on DIN A4

  • play songs during editing

  • export songs as WAV or MP3

  • Windows 10, but not a store app (I don't have an account and I don't like one, due to the risk of in-app purchases)

  • fully gratis, no freemium thing

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This is possible with MuseScore 2.

  • edit scores with everything mentioned before and a lot more
  • print scores and export as PDF, PNG and some others
  • play songs
  • export songs as WAV, MP3 and MID
  • works on Windows 10
  • is not a Windows store app
  • is free (GPL 2)

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