I have an open-source Java project in a mercurial repository, hosted on Bitbucket. I am looking for a basic hosted continuous integration service that can build my project and run unit tests whenever I push to the Bitbucket repo. Since the project is a tiny open-source tool, I am looking for a free solution.

So, to summarise:

  • Automatic builds and JUnit tests whenever I push to Bitbucket
  • Free for public open-source projects
  • Integrates with Bitbucket
  • Supports mercurial repositories
  • Supports ant build scripts (optional)

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I ended up going with Codeship, which meets all my requirements.

Integration with Bitbucket was very easy - a few clicks and everything was set up. Their free plan is currently limited to 1 concurrent build and 100 builds per month, but this is plenty for my projects.

The only somewhat painful part was setting up the actual build script, although I haven't used any other hosted CI services, so it might be equally painful everywhere with the technologies I'm using.

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