I'm trying to implement an application with HTTP client for receiving audio stream (mp3, chunked, with byte range seek) and serving it as a SHOUTcast compatible stream.

Do you know any good library which includes both HTTP 1.1 client and server, supports reading from chunked responses and seeking, implemented in C/C++ and lightweight enough to be used on a Raspberry-like device?

Here is a list of more popular candidates I have collected, but I'm not sure which one would be the most appropriate:

Libmicrohttpd (C) Pion Network Library (C++) libhttpd (C) libsoup (C) neon (C) libWWW (C) EHS (C++) mihl (C) libebb (C) tntnet (C++) libonion (C) Mongoose (C) Mimosa (C++) libevhtp (C) libasyncd (C) goahead (C) appweb (C)

In case you have successfully used one of these for a media streaming proxy project, I'd be grateful for sharing your experiences.

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