I think that the title summarizes everything, but I need an app that:

  • Lets me work on a 5 days schedule
  • Lets me specify how many hours I can work per day
  • Lets me specify when I can not work (ie: lunch hours)
  • Lets me input activity name, duration, days of week (specific or just as a number)
  • Automatically generates a schedule

I'm on Windows, but a web app is more than acceptable. Possibly free.

  • How about google calendar? Anytime that is does not have an appointment is considered free. You can block off all evenings and etc with a single recurring event. You can easily add a recurring lunch and change it as needed. It looks like a calendar on screen, you can print it, and it syncs with smartphones include apple products. – cybernard Aug 6 '16 at 5:36

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