Is there any tool to batch resize (change dpi, e.g. from 600 dpi to 300 dpi) large amount (100,000+) PDF files? Preferably for Windows command line.

I have no budget, so the tool must come free of charge.


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You can probably use imagemagick to change your PDF.

Combined with a simple for-loop (or something more advanced like parallel), you can cook up something like this:

for %f in (originals\*) do convert %f -density 300 resized\%f

Note that if you put that into a batch file, you need to escape the percent signs.


You could use PDFTK-Server and using the command below to compress the files you need.

convert input.pdf -compress Zip output.pdf

Here you can find the whole manual https://www.pdflabs.com/docs/pdftk-man-page/


I can suggest you of two ways of doing that...

  1. (simpler one BUT not viable when you have a lot of PDFs) use online tools to do that; for example: http://www.ilovepdf.com/compress_pdf or https://www.pdfcompress.com/ (just a couple of links, you can just google for "online pdf compressor" and you'll find a lot)

  2. use ghostscript; this is the way you'll have to follow when you have to deal with a lot of PDFs file. As already mentioned by Frederick Nord in his answer you need to put it in a for-loop within your batch file (using ghostscript instead of imagemagick in this case), so here's an example command:

    for %f in (originals\*) do gs -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dCompatibilityLevel=1.4 -dPDFSETTINGS=/screen -dNOPAUSE -dQUIET -dBATCH -sOutputFile=resized\%f %f

Here's a reference link for the gs command you may find interesting and here's official documentation.

Finally, you'll surely appreciate even Kurt Pfeifle great answers on StackOverflow and here on SoftwareRecs.

  • P.S. Irfanview can make use of ghostscript too (see here), so you may want to give it try to do the batch file manipulation in a graphical way (some usage examples here and here).
    – danicotra
    Commented Nov 12, 2016 at 14:59

To supplement the answer of danicotra, in respect of the first solution, Ilovepdf, I can tell you right now that you can use a programmer-friendly API to process your PDF files in batches.

Ilovepdf API

Disclaimer: I am the main developer of the Ruby's Ilovepdf repository.

PS: I would insert a comment directly in danicotra's message but my Stackoverflow reputation does not suffice to do such action.

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